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Taylor's Vintage Port 2018

  • Wijnsoort: Port
  • Land: Portugal
  • Streek: Douro
  • Wijnhuis: Taylor's
  • Jaar: 2018
  • Alcoholpercentage: 20%
  • Inhoud: 0.75
  • Smaak: Opaque black at the centre with a narrow purple rim. Uncompromisingly Taylor’s in style, elegant and precise. The nose is threaded with very fine, linear fruit, heady and complex but restrained by a graphite minerality. Quinta da Vargellas has imprinted its signature fragrance of violets, which hangs like a scented veil over the wine, and there are discreet terroir notes of citrus, wild herbs and gumcistus. The nose is still reserved but there is impressive depth and background, as well as hints of complexities still to emerge with time. The palate is held in place by lithe, muscular tannins, firm and grippy on the finish, and ends with a powerful surge of crisp, pure berry fruit. A beautifully delineated wine, with the hallmark Taylor’s poise and definition and the tantalising promise of pleasures still to come.

Normale prijs: € 99,50

Special Price Excl. BTW € 66,07 Incl. Belasting: € 79,95

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En-Primeur: Taylor's Vintage Port 2018

Proefnotitie:  (geproefd op 3-02-2021)
Taylor's Vintage Port 2018, Douro, Portugal
Aromtisch, robuust, gesloten, veel kracht, tannine, zwaar, pure chocolade.
Waar 2016 en 2017 absoluut meer rijp fruit bevatten en meer een wijn was is dit absoluut oudewets gestructureerd Vintage Port.

Voorintekening is geldig t/m 5 maart 2021
(grote formaten tot 19 februari)

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Taylor's Vintage Port 2018

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