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Domaine des Terres de Velle Pinot Noir Côte d'Or

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Domaine des Terres de Velle Pinot Noir Côte d'Or, Bourgogne, Frankrijk

This Bourgogne Pinot Noir is made of two very different but complementary plots of land. On the one hand, the «Champ l’Huillier», in Corpeau, in the plains just below Puligny-Montrachet, with a fair amount of topsoil and a lot of clay, where the Pinot noir expresses completely its fruity character. On the other hand, the «Montpoulains», a plot of the plains of Volnay, with 45-year old vines, giving the wine excellent character and structure.

By checking the grape ripeness from the end of August onwards, we can set the optimal harvest date. The grapes are hand picked into small 12 kilo boxes ao that the grapes arrive intact to our winery. After de-stemming, the berries are put in a stainless steel tank for a cold maceration before fermentation for 7 to 10 days. The alcoholic fermentation then starts naturally and, during this phase, a daily tasting allows us to oversee the punching down of the grapes and pumping juice over the top. 2 to 3 weeks later, the clear juice is put in French oak barrels. For this cuvée, we use approximately 10% new oak barrels Following the Burgundian tradition, the malolactic fermentation is let to occur naturally in their barrels. After 12 to 15 months, this wine is ready for bottling which is done without filtration and according to the favorable period of the lunar calendar.

Tasting Notes
Puur fruit, duidelijk rode bes, krachtige neus. De smaak is ook weer duidelijk rode bes, mondvullend, sappig met goede tannine. 

This Pinot noir is perfect with a rich sausage or Beef cooked in a red wine sauce.

Domaine des Terres de Velle Pinot Noir Côte d'Or

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